Homesick Redux

Daniel Coshnear’s Homesick Redux was selected by Fiction Fix guest editor Raleigh Rand, author of Brightleaf: A Novel, to win its second novella award. The novella is a masterfully non-linear tale that follows the life of Reggie, whose saccharine-sweet memories of the past fall apart as reality sets in: his past love is married, his mother is dying from A.L.S., and his daughter Lucy needs him to step up and take care of her needs.

Publication Information
Title: Homesick Redux
ISBN: 978-0-578-16489-2
Publication Date: 6/26/15
Price: $6.99
Word Count: 13,088 words; 45 pages
Available Formats: Paperback

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Homesickness attacks the lungs first…” It is a loneliness. Daniel Coshnear takes difficult matters of the heart and weaves a beautiful nonlinear storyline through the life of Reggie, a young husband and father, whose mother is dying. To put one’s finger on home and what causes homesickness, the sadness that causes us to long for someplace that will make everything better. Come to find out home is love. And “love is a two-stroke engine” of perfect compression and combustion with a great deal of exhaust and fumes in the mix. A delight to read.

- Raleigh Rand, author of Brightleaf: A Novel

With his rare perception of the human landscape, Dan Coshnear takes us upon one man’s odyssey through a labyrinth of loneliness, loving and loss.

- HB Reid, author of The Adventures of Charles T. Woolley

When I read Dan Coshnear I find myself saying, to myself and sometimes out loud, “brilliant!” “So lovely!” “How did he do it?” Homesick Redux is dense with riches, with moments of delight and agony (some of which make us wince, or even flinch). Dan’s voice speaks to you the way your best friend does, or should: honestly, to the point of pain; self-effacingly, with dark humor to leaven the pathos; with empathy for the gravity of our lives and how it pins us down – it is even-handed and true.

- David Porter, author of Protracted Adolescence

About Daniel Coshnear

Northern California writer Dan Coshnear is the author of two collections of stories, Jobs & Other Preoccupations (Helicon Nine 2001) and Occupy & Other Love Stories (Kelly's Cove Press 2012). Born in Baltimore in 1961, he has traveled in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Haiti, and all over the U.S., often by thumb, and once for a few thousand miles by freight train. After living on Cape Cod and in New York and San Francisco, he finally settled with his wife, Susan, in a house under some very tall trees along the Russian River in Sonoma County, California. His stories have been published in Fourteen Hills, juked, The Missouri Review, Third Coast and Zyzzyva.

Occupy was published by Kelly’s Cove Press at the close of 2012 in a beautiful trade paperback edition with full-color reproductions of paintings by Oakland, California artist Squeak Carnwath. The title story refers to the Occupy movement, but most of the stories in the collection are about very ordinary people trying their best to be present, to be true to their convictions, to their children... many of the stories in Occupy are about the experiences of parenthood in the first decade of the 21st century. They are love stories.

Critic Jonah Raskin says of Occupy: "Years from now a Ph.D. student writing about the culture of the Occupy Movement will surely point to Occupy & Other Love Stories as an example of the fiction that emerged from the protests against Wall Street immorality and criminality. It’s also fiction that stands on its own merits… Coshnear’s stories are compact with vivid descriptions of people and places, and with crisp dialogue that’s practically audible."

Dan’s first book, Jobs & Other Preoccupations, won the Willa Cather Award from Helicon Nine (judge Rosellen Brown called him “a thrilling discovery”) and also received a Bay Area Book Reviewers’ Award in 2003. Dan has received a number of other awards, including a Christopher Isherwood Foundation Fellowship and a Missouri Review Editor’s Prize for “Custodian,” a story from Occupy.

Dan works night shift at a group home for homeless men and women with mental illness and runs a reading-writing group at another group home. He also teaches writing classes through UC Berkeley Extension and privately in Sonoma County – in 2010, Dan solicited stories and personal essays from one of his writing workshops, and together they published a book titled 95% Naked: Fictions and Non-fictions. Dan has also taught at San Francisco State, at the University of San Francisco and at Sonoma State. He is the father of two children, Circe, a student at City College of San Francisco, and Daedalus, who is now 11.

Of his work, Dan says: “On my best days though, I channel my wonder, my angst, my joy, the living remnants of my life's journey so far into a few good lines, a paragraph, a story, finally, that feels true and relevant.”


Also By Dan Coshnear

Jobs & Other Preoccupations


“A fierce book, edgy, urgent and unconsolingly honest. Daniel Coshnear writes… with mordant wit and the kind of emotional exactitude that clear a reader’s vision the way a sharp new flavor clears and challenges the palate. He is a thrilling discovery.” – Rosellen Brown

“Dan Coshnear’s first collection of stories is wise and true in the manner of Walt Whitman, Paul Robeson, and Woody Guthrie. Dan understands America and its preoccupations with work and love, conflict and joy, and everything in between. He writes with an assurance that makes me believe that language can still save the world.” – Maxine Chernoff


Paperback: 213 pages
Publisher: Helicon Nine Editions; 1st edition (October 2001)
ISBN-10: 1884235344
ISBN-13: 978-1884235344


95% Naked: Fictions and Non-Fictions (Ed.)

An anthology of ten fictions and nonfictions by the writers in Dan Coshnear’s writing workshop, including a new story by Coshnear, who has edited the collection. The other authors are Kathleen DePuydt, Elaine Maikovska, Jennie Orvino, J. L. Parsons, H. B. Reid, Linda Loveland Reid, Jo-Anne Rosen, Teresa Ruden and Lee Alan Stein.



Paperback: 136 pages
Publisher: Wordrunner Press (January 19, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1931002878
ISBN-13: 978-1931002875



Jobs and other Preoccupations by Daniel Coshnear



95% Naked edited by Daniel Coshnear

& Other Love Stories

To occupy means to be present, to be available emotionally, to stand up for oneself, and sometimes to protest. The opposite is absence. To be rendered silent, useless, vacant because of fear or confusion or despair. Each of the stories presents a challenge, not only to an individual character but to a relationship. This short story collection from award-winning California author Daniel Coshnear includes 12 stories about occupation, featuring ordinary heroes. A thoughtful mood is reinforced with 16 full color images from Oakland artist and UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus Squeak Carnwath.

With art by Squeak Carnwath
142 pages, 16 pages in full color
October 2012
$20.00 paper

Also available at the following fine Bay Area book stores:
Book Passage (Corte Madera)
Green Apple (San Francisco)
Mrs. Dalloway's
Pegasus Books (Shattuck - Berkeley)

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Years from now a Ph.D. student writing about the culture of the Occupy Movement will surely point to Occupy & Other Love Stories as an example of the fiction that emerged from the protests against Wall Street immorality and criminality. It’s also fiction that stands on its own merits without ties to Occupy or any social movement.

- Jonah Raskin North Bay Bohemian

With his wool cap and stubbly beard flecked with gray, the 51-year-old author looks a lot like the ordinary heroes he writes about in his short stories, regular folks who hold down jobs as teachers and counselors, grocery clerks and janitors. There is a whiff of despair about these characters, as they struggle through a gauntlet of broken marriages, needy friends and aging parents. But like the author’s piercing blue eyes, the stories also convey a playful sense of humor and honesty that is astonishingly wise and clear-eyed.

- Diane Peterson Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Chekhov, Joyce, Borges, William Trevor, Grace Paley, Alice Munro, all give us epiphanies, fleeting wonders of life as in no other form but poetry....I think Dan Coshnear’s book has that unity, that every story in Occupy & Other Love Stories is held together by a diffused, long sigh of regret for dreams lost or deferred, much like last year’s Occupy movement the title story and collection is named for.

- Barbara Baer Redwood Coast Review


Whiskey Island, Issue 61: “Sect. 4 Reading Comprehension”
Third Coast, Spring 2010: “Wormholes”
juked 2.1.2010: “Or Stay on the Line for Operator Assistance”
The Los Angeles Review, #8, Fall 2010: “The Old Lizard and the Young Goat”
Missouri Review, Vol. 26, #1 (2003): “Custodian”
Other Voices, #37: “The Resolution of Nothing”
Fourteen Hills: The SFSU Review, 5.1, 1998: “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself”
Zyzzyva, #52: “The Right Hand Man”

2015 Fiction Fix Novella Award for Homesick Redux
2005 Christopher Isherwood Foundation Fellowship

2003 Winner of BABRA (Bay Area Book Reviewers) Award for Jobs & Other Preoccupations
2003 Missouri Review Editor’s Prize for “Custodian”
2002 Finalist for John Gardner Fiction Award from Binghamton for Jobs…
2001 Willa Cather Award from Helicon Nine Editions for Jobs….
1997 A Henfield Award from The Transatlantic Review for “How We Remember You.”

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